Scientific Program


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The PREP2018 Organizing Committee invites you to join scientists and suppliers of media, equipment, and technology from around the world to focus on the cutting-edge areas of preparative and process chromatography, learn how to solve today’s practical problems, and prepare for the future. The Symposium will provide opportunities to present and discuss the latest scientific and technological advances in the prep chromatography, an exposure to the most recent chromatography products and technologies on the market, and training and continuing education leading to the ability to optimize processes and minimize costs in the production of fine chemicals, rare earths, chiral molecules, natural products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, vaccines, VLPs and other biopharmaceuticals. Training Workshops. Training workshops will be offered covering preparative and continuous chromatography for biomolecules; preparative and continuous chromatography for intermediates and APIs; and quality by design for biopharmaceuticals. The workshops will provide insight in the development, design, and scale-up of chromatography with applications from the laboratory to the commercial manufacturing scale. Vendor Exhibits. The Exhibit will provide access to the latest advances in media, equipment, and services. The program will ensure ample opportunities to meet commercial suppliers featuring state-ofthe-art instrumentation, equipment, stationary phases, columns, etc. in an integrated lecture, poster, and booth display area within the facility. Exhibitors will also have an opportunity to present workshops. Industrial Case Studies. PREP2018 will continue its tradition of including special sessions dedicated to industrial case studies bringing examples of not only solutions but also challenges and opportunities in the application of chromatography to industrial production processes as well as preclinical development. Focused Technical Sessions. In addition to general interest plenary sessions, PREP2018 will also feature focused technical sessions addressing emerging areas important to discovery, development and production including continuous processing, multicolumn chromatography, new and improved stationary phases and equipment, advances in theory, modeling and simulation, QbD and DOE, and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). 


PREP Symposium/Exhibit Manager
Ms. Janet Cunningham
Barr Enterprises       301-668-6001